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My group consists of five members; Afiqah, Shahkirah, Joanna, Izzat and Nurfatehah. Almost of us except Joanna were classmates since foundation year. Simply started with hi during our first day in the class, five of us become good friends since. As we are in first semester of second year, we are having Technology in Education subject and our main task is making a video. We were given the freedom to choose our story line and genre. Without any hesitant, we chose a storyline that closely related to us and merely tells about us. Our video production would be about friendship. I think we are about to think we are having the best and coolest friendship that ever exist so it is not a harm to show people how good our friendship and everyone should have the guts to appreciate their friend like we do. It may sound quite exaggerating. Maybe a bit. The best part of the task is we are going for a trip to Penang to complete our task. This is so exciting. Though we went there for exactly 28 hours including the departure and arriving journey.

Basically our story line is about four people who barely knew each other. In the other hand is, not knowing each other even exist even though all of them are studying in the same campus. At this point, we want to show people how actually we can be so ignorant about the things and people revolve around us. The chemistry mix well between four of them is; they are into nature and love to travel. One fine day, all of them went to Penang for a short vacation. Nurfatehah is the Penang born and yet she is still in love with all the beauty Penang embraces. Without any four of them realize, they are going to a same place and took a picture of them which can convince that they are there in a same exact time at the same exact place. All revealed when all of them going back to their campus and Joanna took a look at her Instagram timeline and accidently click a hashtag; #natureinpenang. It was a big surprise to see few others pictures that quite similar to hers. Then, she starts her investigation on those pictures and comes up all those pictures are from the people in the same campus as her. She comments on the each picture and her conversation with the strangers develops until all of them decided to meet. That is how nature can ignites a beautiful friendship.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘human just can plan the best and God decides which path they should take’? All of us supposed that is what exactly happened. Though we planned the storyline well and already recorded a few videos, we were meant to change our storyline at the eleventh hour. Why? Because we want to challenge our talent and capability thus produce a rare and different from others video productions. So we decided to turn our stranger-friendship story into another version; horror. It has the same base but the storyline would be way more interesting.

There are four young fellows in a campus live their life in their own way. Too much in their way. Four of them do not know the existence of each other and do not even bother if they know. Their life is all about them. They are too busy with their daily chores, always rush in doing things, too much into overthinking, bad luck is their everyday routine and they are always alone. At one moment, each of them tired of their life but they know they cannot quit from whatever they are doing. They have no choice. They have no other escape. That is what they think. They do not know they actually can save or change their life they want to. Why they don’t? Because there is something similar about each of them that keeps shadowing them all the time. The unnamed thing, the unidentified thing. No one knows if it is a living thing or not. There is something puts a wall around them so they cannot do anything about themselves. The only thing they can do is living their life just in a mono phase. No laugh, nothing can tickle their sense of humour, none of the romantic drama can touch their hearts. Their hearts are cold as ice. Until one night, the moon is full. The animals are making sounds. More like a warning sounds. None of them stop from making the noise. For the four people I have mentioned earlier, they do not give any attention to it though it is so suspicious. Late at night, all of them still busy with their businesses. Izzat come back from supporting his football team who lost 3-0 to another college. Afiqah is heading to a store to take some appliances for the next day event. Nurfatehah just finished her meeting which went pretty bad and Joanna is going to the library because she is looking for her favourite horror story book. She must be misplaced it somewhere. When they open the door to the place they are heading to, all of them are swallowed into the darkness that they do not have any idea where it is. The room is so dark. The only light that accompanies them is only the candles. All they can hear is mumbo jumbo that is kind of worshipping a soul. The shakes of the table wake them all. All of them are clueless and helpless. Their hands stick on a board. It is Jeu De La Vie board which means Games of Life. The board is quite difference because there is ‘hi’ but no goodbye. The letters are unrecognizable while the numbers are 1,2,0,3 and 4. It is a black and cold board that attaches their hands to it and does not let them free. Forever?

The new storyline has too many double layer meaning. We are using our knowledge in literature to manipulate the whole story. If you are a merely an audience, you may not understand the whole story. But if you learnt the elements of a story and equipped with the prior knowledge about different cultures, it may be a big help for you to swim into the sea of the mystery in our video production. We also put an inside jokes and I am supposed only those who learnt language or specifically Phonetics can understand the jokes. Happy analysing and making critical thinking of it.

Step Five – Glitch

During completing the video editing, something bad happened. The software turned down, the iMovie kept on crashing without any reasons and the uninstall and install it again did nothing and did not solve the problem. At the very last moment to submit our work, all the things that had never happened was torturing us. We found a dead end. However, we did not stop there. If there is a will, there is must be a way. Dr gave us a chance to make a reflection instead of the video submission. So we were working on the reflection as much as we could. The unfortunate things happened to us today were too unexpected.

Step Four – Horror Night

Our last recording took place in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn. It was late at night. To be honest, each of us quite afraid of the surrounding. Too dark and too silent. The silence embrace our spirit to make our work done. But everyone seemed ignoring the feeling. We would be too scared if something else was joining us that time. Fortunately some Indian students were having their dancing practice. Somehow they were practicing at midnight. We ended of recording when only the clock showed the digit 1.11 am.

Step Three – Building Up Story

The story line starts with the daily things of four students do. They do not know each other. Maybe at times they may walk pass each other but as they are too busy with their life, strangers would never bother them. Their life is too hectic with the chores, assignments and unexpectes problems. Each of them always in rush. They only can have time for themselves at night.

Until one night, the doors they go through bring them to an isolated and dark room where nothing they can see other than a board, tables, chairs and candles. The table shakes and wakes them from their unconscious. The board seems like the Ouija board but it is not. It is Jue De La Vie board which means game of life. It has HI but no goodbye. Once you are in the game, there is no way you can escape. There are letters that cannot be recognized and numbers which from 0 to 4. 4 means death.

Step Two

Our video production is based on horror genre which the whole story took part in UKM and indeed, the scenes are close related to the students’ daily life. We intended to show how much you live your life, everything can change in a blink of eyes whether you like it or not. Whether you want it or not, you have to face it. There is no second chance or another choices. Our scenes are quite different from what actually people think that possible to happen in real life. But who ever know what can be happened in this campus which existed since 1970? Too much mysteries embrace this campus.